What is a Laser Tooling System?

Baseline 99 has created a tooling system to streamline your laser marking machine.  There is no need to spend your valuable time making the fixtures needed to start marking your parts while your investment sits and waits. ?Baseline 99 has done the research necessary to accommodate your tooling needs.

Each system starts with a baseplate, currently all the plates that we carry are designed to fit the FOBA Laser Marking Machines.  If you have a different type of machine let us know and we can put together a design that will work for you.  The baseplates include our basic accessories to get you started.  Additional accessories can be purchased to customize your tooling system.  

This video explains the Laser Tooling System.

Also, check out our fixtures to accommodate different needs from marking round parts to marking multiple round parts in one run.   

What does that mean for you?

In the shortest time possible, your investment can be put to use. This means less downtime and a faster return of your investment for your company. Baseplates and accessories are in stock and custom designs are available as well.  We would be happy to consult you on a design to help you get your job done.

For information about FOBA Lasers contact Spinetti Machinery