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Now Offering Laser Tooling Systems !!


What is a Laser Tooling System ?

Baseline 99 has created a system to streamline your purchase of a Laser  Marker. Now with our Accessory Kits there is no need to spend your valuable time making the fixtures needed to start marking your parts while your investment just sits there.  Let's put it on the floor ready to go!

You get a Base-plate with Accessories to help locate parts for marking and a fixture plate of your choice that you can machine to fit or arrange your parts as needed. You can also pre-machine the fixture plate so that all the Accessories, Fixture Places and Adapters plug right on to the Base-plate.

What does that mean for you?

Less downtime means a faster ROI for your Company.  Your investment is able to be put to use in the shortest time possible. We have an array of accessories in stock to address your company's needs. 

Custom Orders Available

We not only supply the system, but we can custom build the fixture plates that hold your parts for marking.  This can all be done before your Laser Marker hits the floor. Call or message one of our specialist today to get a free quote.